Food With Friends

Meets Tuesday, March 20 at 5:30 p.m. in the Undercroft. This is a great opportunity for

conversation over some delicious food prepared by and served by the Interact Club of GBS. The

only requirement is hunger for good food and great conversation, with some really interesting young

people. All are welcome! Bring a friend.




Again this year, St. David’s offers a self-guided stations of the cross. You’ll find the booklets on the ushers’ table

in the narthex. Please return the booklet when you have finished. Stations of the Cross enables us to enter into

the events of Jesus’s trial, his walk from Pilate’s headquarters to Golgotha, and his crucifixion. Each “station”

invites the worshiper to reflect on the sacrificial love of Christ, and to offer prayers for others and for ourselves.

Some of the events reflected in each station are drawn directly from Scripture; others (notably, the woman

who wipes Jesus’s face) come to us from ancient Church tradition.


Historically, the devotional practice to Stations of the Cross enabled Christians, primarily in England

and in northern Europe, to experience the Via Dolorosa (The Way of Sorrows) when a pilgrimage to Jerusalem

was not possible, due to political or economic realities.


You are most welcome to enter into this devotion. We recommend taking a moment to center yourself in

prayer. Then take a prayer booklet and proceed into the sanctuary (area around the altar). On the tabernacle,

you will find the icon for Station 1. Proceed from there into the west transept, and from there into the nave.

Work your way counter-clockwise (the traditional path in Anglican churches), ending with Station 14 at the

foot of the altar.







Saturday night at the movies:

Join us this Saturday to get ready for Holy Week and beyond at St. David's. Come

to the Library at 6 p.m. (snacks provided) to watch:

The Story of the Twelve Apostles

They started out as average, unexceptional men of their time: fishermen, farmers,

local magistrates. But their dedication to a prophetic Jewish preacher in the backwaters

of the Roman Empire transformed them into revolutionaries and, in the process, changed

the world itself in ways that would reverberate across time for two thousand years. Now,

discover the extraordinary, untold stories of the men chosen by Jesus to bring God's plan to

the world. From their early fear and discouragement at the shock of the Crucifixion, to the

final acceptance of the resurrection and their epic mission to spread the Gospel through the

known world, it's an inspiring, astonishing story of the men who became

The Twelve Apostles. (100 minutes)


Looking Ahead

The Progressive Dinner, hosted by the ECW, will be Saturday, April 21.

Please save the date, and watch for more information in the April Evangel.









Fifth Sunday in Lent LENT 5

Isaiah 50-4-9a | Psalm 31:9-16 | Philippians 2:5-11 | Mark 11:1-11