What can you expect when you visit St. David’s?

You will find a worship service roughly an hour in length that is both ancient and modern. We encounter God through music which we sing together, and through readings from Scripture which are further explored in a brief (10-12 minute) sermon. We offer prayers on behalf of ourselves and the world around us. We confess how we all fall short of God’s deepest desires for creation, and we receive words of assurance of God’s love for us even when we have blown it big time. We ask God to bless gifts of bread and wine so that when we eat them, God’s love may dwell within us, and that we may be strengthened to be Christ’s hands and feet in the world.


You might see a paradox at work. Our service is structured and somewhat formal, and yet newcomers often comment how relaxed we seem to be, and of the joy that is apparent in being gathered together in sacred space.


You’ll see that our members represent a wide range of ages, education levels, career paths, and political persuasions. We do not remotely agree on everything and that’s OK. The Episcopal Church is far less interested in uniformity of belief than we are in finding unity through prayer, worship, and the Sacraments. We are real people who face all of the challenges of modern life, and who have discovered that we face those challenges better together than we do in isolation.


We also like to eat and drink and hang out. Scriptures tell us that Jesus did too.


You may find that our worship requires a certain degree of manual dexterity. We have prayerbooks and hymnals and service leaflets. We stand, we sit, we kneel. Some days we find it a bit exhausting ourselves.


All are welcome here. No exceptions. Bring your doubts, bring your joys, bring your anxieties, bring your children, bring yourself. No questions are off-limits. We are a church that encourages use of the brains the Good Lord gave us.


We can't wait to meet you!


Rev. Susan Sommer

Rector (aka senior pastor)







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